First Aid for Teachers


Teachers are constantly in ‘loco parentis’ and are often entrusted with 30 or more children or teenagers who are lively and full of energy. It is therefore important that the teacher would know how to deal calmly and efficiently in the event of an accident or emergency occurring in the classroom/school yard or playing grounds.

Duration: Tailored to the needs of the group

Price: TBD

Venue: On site in school

Covers topics such as:
  • Scene Safety

  • Infection control

  • Patient assessment

  • Breathing problems

  • CPR, Bleeding

  • Head injuries

  • Epilepsy/Seizures

  • Diabetes

  • Anaphylaxis

  • Meningitis

Courses can be custom made for teachers depending on their requirements and may be delivered in different time frames to suit possibly ‘Croke Park’ hours. The course can be delivered in a one day time frame or in one to two hour periods depending on the requirements of the individual schools.