Occupational First Aid Course Details


This is the only qualification recognised by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland as being suitable for the workplace and has FETAC Level 5 accreditation.

Duration: 3 Days

Price: €200

Venue: TBD

Do I need a qualified first aider in my workplace?

Employers sometimes wonder if they are required to have one or more qualified first persons on site.


In general the best indicator will arise when carrying out a risk assessment. Consider the numbers employed, the nature of the work, the degree of hazard, the level of accidents, the size and location of the workplace, the distribution of employees, shift working, availability of an occupational health service within the workplace and the distance and duration from external medical services etc. For full details on this follow the link.

Subjects Covered in Occupational First Aid:

First Aid in The Workplace

This explores the role of Occupational First Aid in organisations and the responsibilities of the occupational first aider. It also examines the current legislation regarding first aid and health and safety in the workplace


Patient Assessment

Will show you how to competently perform a patient assessment


Respiratory Emergencies

Helps you to recognise and competently treat respiratory emergencies


Cardiac First Response

Will help you to learn CPR and use of the defibrillator


Wounds and Bleeding

Will enable you to understand and develop competence in identifying and treating wounds and bleeding


Altered Levels of Consciousness

Will help you to learner understand and develop their competence in identifying and treating altered levels of consciousness that may occur in conditions such as fainting, epilepsy, diabetes injuries etc


Musculoskeletal Injuries

Will teach you how to recognise and provide first aid for fractures, sprains, strains and bruises


Burns And Scalds, Chemicals, Poison, Electric Shock

Will allow you to learn how to treat burns and scalds, chemicals, poison, electric shock


On successful completion of the course you should be able to:
  • Understand your responsibilities as a first aider

  • Provide first aid in the workplace for the purpose of preserving life or minimising the consequences of injury until discharge or the arrival of medical assistance.

  • Provide treatment in the workplace for an injury which does not require the attention of a medical practitioner or nurse.

  • Be capable of coordinating first aid arrangements in the workplace.

  • Have a knowledge of health and safety legislation

  • For more information see the guidelines of the H.S.A. (Health and Safety Authority) on First Aid at the work place. HSA Guidelines on OFA 08.2008


How long is an occupational first aid course?

An occupational first aid course is run over 3 days with a 2 hour assessment/exam. Courses may be delivered over a number of weeks.


What type of a certificate does a first aider receive and how long is it valid for?

After successfully passing the exams of the occupational first aid course the first aider will receive a Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) Level 5 certificate in Occupational First Aid. Thereafter, the first aider will receive a certificate from the registered training provider for 2 yearly refresher training as FETAC does not issue refresher certificates.