FETAC Level 5 Certificate

FETAC Level 5 Certificate

A 3 day first aid qualification course that is recognised by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland.

Refresher Course

Refresher Course

A 1 day refresher course designed to meet the needs of people whose Occupational First Aid course is due to expire.

Parents/Paediatric First Aid Course

Parents/Paediatric First Aid Course

A basic introductory 3 hour course suitable to cover the needs of any child minders.



Custom tailored courses for educators delivered in different time frames to suit possibly ‘Croke Park’ hours.

Emergency First Aid

Emergency First Aid

Includes a range of different topics but also gives certification in adult CPR and use of the AED.


FAST (First Aid Solutions & Training) offer comprehensive first aid training packages to suits your needs.


The training will be tailored to suit you, whether you need certified courses in Occupational First Aid for your employment, basic first aid for your family and friends or more comprehensive courses in CPR and AED training with hands on practical training.


Training can be delivered in a venue that is convenient for you.


Training will be provided by experienced teachers.


If you are trained in first aid it can help you deal calmly and correctly with emergencies and injuries. For many of us it is a friend or family member that will need assistance and

"It is better to have First Aid and not need it than to need First Aid and not have it"

Many people are worried or may be a little squeamish about administration of First Aid but if we have some basic training it has help us stay calm and help promote recovery in some instances may even save lives.

  • Statistics show that we are currently one of the worst countries in Europe for people with first aid training as fewer than 5% of the population have had any type of even basic first aid training.


  • It is important that we would all have basic training.


  • Simple basic knowledge of first aid could be the difference between life and death or permanent damage to a person’s health.

  • Many people are afraid to do first aid training in case they have to use it, they may be squeamish about blood and worried about doing something wrong but:

    • facts are that in most cases it is our friends or family that need first aid

    • if you do only what you have been trained to do and even if it is only to call the emergency services you cannot be held legally liable


  • Imagine how you would feel if you realised that your first aid was enough to save your child, parent, or friend’s life or it ensured that the person made the best recovery possible because of your actions before the emergency services arrived.



Everyone needs first aid knowledge and skills because it allows us to be calm and safe when responding to a crisis whether it be at home or at work or in the street.


  • Mums and Dads can use first aid to help their baby or child if an emergency arises.

  • Child minders, babysitters, grandparents, aunties, uncle’s, crèche workers all benefit from first aid knowledge for those times when they are left in charge of children.

  • Carers who often have to deal with emergencies.

  • Teachers as it would help them deal with the little or large accidents that may occur in the schoolyard.

  • Workers where many workplaces are legally required to have one or more FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aiders on site at all times.




It may make the difference between life and death for the recipient or may be the difference between someone having a recovery to full health as against having permanent damage.